why the United States and Russia are not selling weapons to Pakistan?


After the establishment of the Pakistani state, Pakistan became a closet non NATO allies by the United States. At that time, it sold many weapons and equipment to Pakistan, such as advanced third-generation fighters such as F-16A/B fighters and F-16C/D. At that time, the United States sold weapons and equipment to Pakistan to make Pakistan fight against India but still, they lost all war against India. Following the implementation of the Obama administration’s Asia-Pacific strategy, and after Terrorist Osama Bind Laden found in Pakistan, the country was completely abandoned by the United States, because Pakistan is a relatively poor country and They always support & sponsor terrorist to other nation.

PAF F-16
PAF F-16

Since then, the relationship between China and Pakistan has become very iron. China has assisted Pakistan with a lot of weapons and equipment, and Pakistan has basically purchased many weapons and equipment from China for gratitude. Among them, the two countries have even developed the Jf-17 fighter with the help of Russia, and the jf-17 fighter has become a model of military cooperation between the two countries. Today,jf-17 fighters is one of the frontline fighter aircraft of PAF after F-16. From the above, it can be seen that the friendship between China and Pakistan is very thick.


Nowadays, most of the weapons and equipment purchased by Pakistan are purchased from China. The United States does not sell Pakistani weapons and equipment, and Russia does not sell Pakistani weapons and equipment. What caused it? In fact, the fact that the United States and Russia do not sell Pakistan’s weapons and equipment may have something to do with money. Speaking of India, the population is also very large, and India is the world’s fourth military power. It’s just that India’s weapons and equipment are all purchased, that is, from Russia and the United States. After India has purchased US and Russian weapons and equipment, India will not support the US and Russia in selling their arms to Pakistan to print the degree.

In order to lose this big customer in India. Therefore, the United States began to sell Indian arms in large quantities. While Russia sells Indian weapons and equipment, it does not want to lose India, a huge customer. After all, India contributes a lot of Russia’s arms exports. If the United States and Russia offend India, they will lose India’s huge arms orders.

MI-35 gunship of Pakistan
MI-35 gunship of Pakistan

In addition, the United States and Russia do not sell Pakistan’s weapons and equipment, which may be related to politics. The United States also understands very well that in order to successfully implement the Asia-Pacific strategy, India is a country that must be wooed. Russia wooed India because India has always been an ally of Russia and cannot let India fall to the United States. In general, it is now impossible for Pakistan to purchase weapons and equipment from the United States and Russia because of India.

Also one of the major reason why both US and Russia not selling any weapons currently to Pakistan, Because of Terrorism. Everyone knows that Pakistan always supports Terrorist, Currently Pakistan is the den of terrorism and in this China supporting them fully. Also China is closet ally of Pakistan and USA don’t like china , so this could be a reason USA not showing any interest to sell weapons to Pakistan .

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