What are some things India doesn’t understand about China?

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  • Most Indians think that china is 3 times bigger than India. Yes, China is 3 times bigger than india but arable land( livable or agricultural land) of china is much less than India. People who say china can have bigger population because of its size but the fact is most chinese live in eastern china. Infact china has more population stress than India thats why they opted for one child policy. India has 160 million hectares whereas china has 103 milion hectares of arable land.
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  • Not all china is developed. People go to east coast area of china where cities like bejing, shanghai, hong kong, macau, guangzhou, shenzen are and think damm china is first world country! No its not,only chinese east coast area is well developed but not middle china & rest of china.They have middle gdp per capita.
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  • Despite being 91% population of china Han chinses who speak Mandarin chinese, 50% of china is non han dominated like tibet by tibetans(budhist),xinziang or easr turkestan by uyghars (muslim)and inner mongolia by mongols(budhist).These areas are very different from Han china and are autonomous provinces of china. Han china bruatally suppress their language, human & religious rights,culture, etc.
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  • Chinas water supply is from tibet thats why china holds tibet. Giving up tibet is like giving up river source and allowing foregin powers near to its populated areas.
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  • Chinas shipping routes can be easily blocked by US Navy,following are US militery bases in east asia. US is able to disconnect china from rest of the world. Japan, south korea, Australia are US allied countries. Thats why china is investing in One belt one road ( silk road) to Europe and alternate route to sea Via pakistan ( cpec project), manmade islands in south china sea.
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  • Despite being 3 times India surprsingly china works on 1 time zone as Beijing time. If in western china school starts at 10 am then childern go to school at 7am in actual time.
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  • This is how small was China under Qing dynasty in 1820.current china border is in red for comparison.You can see Arunachal pradesh of north east India & aksai chin in north india were part of Qing china. China claims both region based on historical fact of this. Both regions were aquired by British India.China captured aksai chin in 1962 and claims Arunachal Pradesh.( south tibet). Geographically arunachal pradesh belongs to India( and ruled by india) and aksai chin belongs to china but both nations claims these 2 areas. Friends this is India china border issue for you.
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  • This is how european powers carved up china under their influence. Technically china was still independent but had no control directly over european influenced areas & japanese area.
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  • This will how china look if it breaks like USSR. New countries like Tibet, Xianchinag, Inner mogolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong will emerge.
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  • China is worlds most atheist country. They dont do Hindu Muslim drama. Still china has their own chinese folk religions.
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  • Thanks for upvotes here are more.The Great wall of China is not one continuous wall but a collection of wall built by various chinese dynasties throughout 2000 years of Chinese history. Combined length of all such walls is 21000 km. The walls were built to protect china from northern mongol tribes. Despite this, wall failed its purpose and china was successfully attacked from northern sides many times.
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  • The is how chinses see India from tibet( roof of the world). Look how easy is to invade India from chinese side once chinese soldiers cross Himalayas. Keep in mind that Indias most populous region ganges plain( UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Assam, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab combined has population of 50 crore) just lie below Himalayas. It is pakistan who is giving access to china for Indian ocean.
  • This is Pearl River delta in southern china. This is worlds biggest urban area and has population of 120 milion or 12 crore. It has more population than entire state of maharashtra, 35 biggest cities of India, entire nation of japan, 8 biggest cities of world. China is planning to build 1 Mega Metropolitan city of this urban area. If this happened, this city will be biggest city on entire planet, 4 times bigger than current biggest city Tokyo( 3cr,)
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  • You are looking at 50% population of the world at night. Look how india is far away from chinses populated areas despite having border with china. Brightest point is Pearl river delta. Look( right top corner) there is North korea between china and south korea and not sea( dark). This show how developed is north korea! ( kim jong un you can fool all world but no me)
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I really feel sad that we Indians are fighting with each other while china is proclaiming its status.

Just watch these video to understand the power of chinese

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