Watch UK Introduced its own sixth generation fighter

sixth generation fighter

The Royal Air Force has shown the latest sixth-generation fighter.

Despite the lack of proper experience in modern fighters’ development, Great Britain does not abandon attempts to create its own next-generation combat aircraft. At the same time, in London, they decided to choose a slightly different tactic – stepping over the fifth generation of combat vehicles and immediately creating a sixth-generation fighter, which, according to generally accepted concepts, should not only have all the capabilities of fifth-generation fighters, but also must be operated as in a manned, and in the unmanned version.

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According to the Royal Air Force of Great Britain’s official website, the sixth generation Tempest fighter should enter service from 2035, thereby replacing the fourth generation Typhoon fighters.

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Judging by the presented 3D model of the newest British aircraft, we are still talking about a manned version, which at the moment suggests that this is a fifth-generation fighter.

At the same time, specialists draw attention to the fact that today the UK has only a conceptual model of a combat aircraft, which still needs to be developed, built and tested,Without proper experience from British aircraft manufacturers, this may well result in a serious problem.

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