Ukraine Neptune vs Russia’s air defense: Who will wins?

Neptune missile

The anti-ship missiles ZhK-360MTS Neptune complex, a Soviet-era weapon with almost no modernization by Ukraine, is an outdated weapon. So it cannot endanger the Russian air defense system, military expert Viktor Litovkin said in an interview with PolitRussia newspaper.

The Glavred newspaper quoted Mr. Zhdanov as saying that this missile could fly at altitudes as low as 3 to 300 meters at subsonic speeds. The tests show that it has a fairly high accuracy, deviation of only a few meters. Meanwhile, Ukrainian military expert, reserve colonel Oleg Zhdanov stated that the ZhK-360MTS Neptune is Ukraine’s unique weapon that makes Russia be on guard. He said that so far the anti-ship missile complex ZhK-360MTS Neptune has not been defeated.

Ukraine said that if the Neptune complex is located along the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov, Kiev can fully control marine space for nearly 300 km.

Military observer Colonel Viktor Litovkin, in an interview with PolitRussia newspaper, called Oleg Zhdanov’s claims “a myth”, aimed at raising the prestige of Ukrainian weapons in the eyes of the people.

“This is an old Soviet weapon we know about that. They have modernized a part, but not with high efficiency. It is still subsonic missile and missile complexes Redut, Pantsir, ground-based air defense systems such as Shilka, Tor-M2 and modern air defense systems such as Buk-M3 and S-400 … all can intercept this system.

Russian S-400
s-400 air defence system

Viktor Litovkin also doubted the possibility that Ukraine began to mass produce these missiles. According to him, the arms stockpile of the former Soviet Union remaining in Ukraine about 10 to 15 complexes.

“Ukraine’s industry has collapsed completely and cannot be recovered, and the materials science industry, especially the missile industry, is almost gone. Ukraine inherited some of these Soviet missile complexes, but they were for exhibition purposes only, with very low combat capabilities, so deploying them in the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov is almost ineffective and can not control the Russian fleet “, the expert said.

In addition, he also said that Russia currently owns weapons such as electronic warfare systems, anti-ship warfare systems and radar systems, as well as nuclear missile and aviation arsenal. Great, fully capable of intercepting Ukrainian missiles.

In the confrontation between Ukraine and Russia, if Kiev dares to attack Moscow or inflict any military damage on the Russian side, it will suffer a fatal defeat.

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