The world’s strongest intercontinental missile will be in service by 2022

RS-28 Sarmat

With a maximum range of 18,000 kilometers and a 10-ton nuclear bomb, the world’s strongest intercontinental missile will be in service by 2022

Now, when it comes to the world’s most powerful countries, you’re sure to think of the United States, so why has the United States been so powerful against Russia? Knowing that Russia is the greatest threat to America’s international standing, if it can defeat Russia, then America’s position in the world is absolutely unshakable. But the reason why the U.S. military has been afraid to do so is that Russia has a strong nuclear weapon to support it.

According to Russian media reports, Russia is currently building the “RS-28 Sarmat” intercontinental ballistic missile that will be officially in service by 2022, Sarmat has now entered the end of the test phase, as long as a few more tests, the “Sarmat” ballistic missile will be delivered to the Russian military, which is undoubtedly great news for Russia, “Sarmat” will definitely become the world’s most powerful nuclear weapons. But for the United States, this is something they cannot accept. U.S. military experts say the U.S. military’s hard-earned anti-missile interceptor system will lose its role in an instant once Russia’s “Sarmat” ballistic service is in service, which would make Russia the U.S.’s most powerful competitor.

Minuteman-1, Minuteman-2, Minuteman-3, ICBM of USA
Minuteman-1, Minuteman-2, Minuteman-3, ICBM of USA

According to the data, the “Sarmat” missile has a range of 18,000 kilometers, the launch distance is unmatched by other intercontinental ballistics, followed by the ability to carry 10 tons of nuclear bombs, what is the concept? This magnitude is 500 times the size of the Hiroshima atomic bomb. In the event of a conflict, Russia could choose to launch on its own soil, even if it could easily cover the entire European and American soil, destroying Europe and the United States without effort. So the U.S. is nervous now, to know that the U.S. military prides itself on the minuteman-III launch distance of only 13,000 kilometers, this distance in the “Sarmat” missile eyes, is simply “little brother” level! So they see “Sarmat” as a potential threat. The Russian Defense Ministry has said that the combination of “Sarmat” and “Voevoda” is specifically designed to confront the United States.

R-36 Voevoda ICBM of Russia
R-36 Voevoda ICBM of Russia

In fact, the design principle of the Sarmat missile is very similar to that of the Russian Topol missile, but the difference is that the Sarmat missile has the ability to change the ballistics flexibly, which in turn makes it more difficult to intercept air. Putin has also repeatedly praised the “Sarmat” missile internationally, saying that the “Sarmat” missile is a combination of Russian technology and military products, is the world’s most powerful intercontinental missile, Is Russia’s current “national treasure.”

It is worth mentioning that the Russian army is still making “pioneer” hypersonic missiles. Sarmat “is the main heavy fire attack, while the “pioneer” is better at breaking through, with extremely fast flight speed so that the enemy can not intercept, and the United States anti-missile system can not intercept the unique trajectory of ballistic missiles so that the existing anti-missile technology is left behind.

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