Son of a British MP joined the war in Ukraine and destroyed Russian armored vehicles

Ukraine russia war

Ben Grant, a former marine and son of British Conservative MP Helen Grant, was among a group of fighters from the United Kingdom and the United States fighting in Ukraine, taking part in attacks on Russian forces during the fierce fighting.

According to the British newspaper, Ben Grant appeared in a battlefield video showing him leading a team of British and American veterans on a mission to destroy a Russian BTR-80 armored vehicle in the fierce battle in Ukraine.

Ben Grant, 30, son of Helen Grant, a British Conservative MP from Kent, has joined a platoon of foreign fighters supporting Ukraine in the war against Russia.

In the video, Ben Grant and his teammates prepare to attack a BTR-80 APC – a Russian armored vehicle – from a forest on the front line in northeastern Ukraine.

The move was part of a 15-hour mission on Thursday, May 26, by a group of foreign fighters. At the end of the mission, about 8 Russian soldiers were killed. In addition, after that, another 30 Russian soldiers died in a firefight with a group of 13 foreign fighters from the US and UK who joined with Ukrainian forces to storm a Russian trench.

Foreign volunteers believed to be an American, a British, and a Canadian, armed with the RGW-90 HH launcher and the Czech RPG-75M, respectively, left the cover of the forest and targeted the Russian BTR-80 APC. The Czech RPG-75M does not fire immediately, but this is irrelevant, as one of the operators of the RGW-90 HH fired a missile at the Russian armored personnel carrier.

The second shot is not excellent, but it is enough. The Russian armored personnel carrier was hit in the back of the chassis. The Russian driver of the armored vehicle maneuvered quickly and also entered the forest to use the cover. However, the reconnaissance drone recorded on video that the damage had already been done. Apparently, the RGW-90 HH missile hit the ammunition compartment of the armored vehicle, as at the end of the video recored by the drone shows the ammunition exploding and evaporating.

Video captured by the drone shows that the Russian BTR was then blown up in the presence of a group of British and American foreign fighters supported by 14 more Ukrainian soldiers.

Dozens of British volunteers have traveled to Ukraine to fight against the Russian army.  March, Ben Grant posed for a photo at Lviv train station with other British military veterans. Grant revealed that he did not inform his mother – who has been a congressman for the past 12 years – that he was going to Ukraine to join the war.

British Armed Forces Minister James Heappey previously stressed that British citizens should not go to Ukraine to fight.

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