Science fiction becomes reality, the US Air Force received laser weapons

Laser weapon

Laser weapons are considered to be the most frequently used black technology equipment in sci-fi movies. It emit a dazzling light when launched and possesses powerful lethality. However, for a long time, due to technical limitations, laser weapons could not be put into practical use. However, in recent years, with the rapid development of military technology, laser weapons have gradually entered reality from the screen and become weapon that can be used in actual combat. Military technology powers such as the United States, Russia, India and Israel have invested heavily in research and development and testing of laser weapons, which has promoted the development of laser weapons.

laser-armed AC-130J
laser-armed AC-130J

According to the US media “Forbes” website, on October 6, local time, the US arms giant Lockheed Martin delivered a new type of airborne high-energy laser weapon AHEL to the US Air Force. According to Lockheed Martin’s vice president, Rick Cordaro, the high-energy laser weapon technology is mature, tested, and even put into service. It is reported that AHEL will be tested on the AC-130J aerial aircraft currently in service in the U.S. Air Force. If the test goes well, the U.S. Air Force will strive to install laser weapons within five years.

Science fiction becomes reality, the US Air Force receives laser weapons, China and Russia face new challenges

Analysts pointed out that the delivery of AHEL to the US Air Force is a milestone in the history of the development of high-energy laser weapons. For a long time, the reason why laser weapons could not be put into practical use was mainly that laser weapons required a lot of power resources during use, and general weapon launch platforms could not support the high energy consumption of laser weapons. Prior to this, laser weapons were generally mounted on some large surface ships, and large surface ships were generally equipped with powerful power systems that could provide sufficient power.

In order to reduce the requirements of laser weapons on the platform, Lockheed Martin’s scientific researchers reduced the launch power of laser weapons, allowing the laser weapons to successfully board the aircraft. Although this change seems simple, how to effectively guarantee the lethality of laser weapons under the premise of reducing the launch power of laser weapons is a considerable technical problem. According to the report, Lockheed Martin’s technicians overcame numerous difficulties and finally allowed AHEL’s rated output power to reach 60 kilowatts, which reached the carrying standard of AC-130J aerial gunship aircraft.

Science fiction becomes reality, the US Air Force receives laser weapons, China and Russia face new challenges

Military experts said that the AC-130J aerial gunboat equipped with laser weapons will have more comprehensive combat capabilities, and it can complete many tactical tasks that conventional weapons cannot. According to military experts, laser weapons will not emit any sound during use, nor will they produce explosions or flashes similar to conventional weapons. They can complete some special military tasks in a silent state, such as targeting a certain place. The destruction of military installations or the hunting of an important person.


With the development of laser weapon technology, many other uses will be developed. The future laser weapon will be more advanced and more lethal than the current one. At present, in the field of laser weapon research and development, the United States has already walked in the forefront of the world, China and Russia will face new challenges, and the two countries will also accelerate the research and development of independent laser weapons.

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