Iran wants to buy J-10C?Or trade in energy. Will China accept this order?


Fighters can be said to be a very important member of air combat. Therefore, all countries want to have full firepower, technology and very advanced fighters, but the ideal and reality are still to be distinguished, not what you want to have, because you don’t. It must be developed. The development of fighter jets is a very complex and long-term task, which requires a large amount of industrial support, support from a large number of technical personnel, and financial support. Therefore, due to their own limitations, many countries cannot build their own fighter jets, but if they cannot build them, it does not mean they cannot buy them. Therefore, the arms trade finally occurred.

Iran wants to buy J-10C?Or trade in energy. Will China accept this order?

At present, the most advanced fighter jets in the world should belong to the fifth-generation stealth aircraft. However, since it is the most advanced, it must be cost-effective. Basically, it belongs to the luxury class, so few countries can accept it. However, stealth fighters are not required by all countries. Relatively speaking, fourth-generation and third-generation fighters with no weak combat power are more popular, such as my country’s J-10C fighter jets.

As a popular product of the Chinese Air Force, the J-10C has been the subject of attention from all parties in recent years, especially after the lifting of the Iranian arms embargo, everyone has speculated that the J-10C may usher in the first order. The result was unexpected. The first order was preempted by Venezuela. As we all know, Venezuela is regarded by the United States as “its own back garden”, but now the back garden has bought things from its own competitors. This makes the United States angry enough. But there is no way. Even if the United States doesn’t want it anymore, if they buy it, they will buy it. Who makes us suitable?

Iran wants to buy J-10C?Or trade in energy. Will China accept this order?

After Venezuela’s first order was preempted, it was rumored that, according to this situation, Iran probably did not intend to buy our J-10C fighter jets. Pakistan would be the most likely to buy it. Obviously, everyone has guessed wrong. Recently there has been news that Iran is very interested in buying my country’s J-10C fighter jets, and the number is still quite large, it is estimated that there are as many as 36. Someone said, are there more than 36? What’s worth saying. But don’t forget, this is a trade between weapons and equipment, not anything else, it can be thousands or tens of thousands at will.

What’s more, even the 36 planes transmitted online are not necessarily affordable for Iran. Beijing military analyst Zhou Chenming said that Iran cannot afford to pay the price of the order, so they may exchange it with other things. Because although Iran is a big oil country, it seems that it should be a very rich country, but in fact Iran is not rich, it can even be said to be very poor. As for the reason, it is a typical “rich but not three generations.” It was defeated.

Although there is no money, the fighter jets should be bought, but what should we do? They can only be exchanged for goods, but will we accept the exchange?

Iran wants to buy J-10C?Or trade in energy. Will China accept this order?

There is a problem to be clear first, and that is what Iran will trade for. Everyone will definitely say, of course, it is crude oil and natural gas. As an energy country, Iran has the most, and it is only these two that can support Iran’s purchase of fighters. After all, these are still very scarce and expensive for other countries. What’s more, apart from these two, Iran has nothing to match the price of a fighter jet.

However, everyone should be clear that China is the seller, who decides whether to change or not, and the person who trades it is China. And China is currently not short of crude oil and natural gas, because we have accumulated most of the reserve energy, and there is no need to increase it, let alone replace it with a fighter that is not cheap.

Some people may say that we are a country with a population of more than one billion people, and the average score is not much. It is good to prepare more, but don’t forget. China is undergoing energy reform, and the promotion and use of clean energy is our next focus, so it is useless to save so much. Furthermore, if we exchange fighter jets for oil, what role does the RMB settlement of oil have in the 25-year comprehensive cooperation agreement between China and Iran that we signed earlier? Isn’t it a waste of work?

Iran wants to buy J-10C?Or trade in energy. Will China accept this order?

As the so-called “business in business”, all weapons and equipment transactions are for the purpose of making money. It does not mean that I have too many places to put them, so I can sell them to you cheaply, just give them as much as possible. As far as weapons and equipment are concerned, there will never be a “remaining”. Of course, this does not mean to promote crazy equipment construction, but simply talks about military equipment.

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