Iran claims Bavar-373 will be more powerful than Russia’s S-400

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Iran will create a new version of the Bavar-373 air defence system that is more effective than the Russian-made S-400 missile, according to Deputy Defense Minister Mahdi Farahi.

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“The latest version of Bavar-373 is about to appear and after that, another modern version equivalent to or better than the S-400 will be released,” Deputy Minister Mahdi Farahi said.

According to Tasnim news agency, Iran has also developed a new type of liquid propellant for rockets and works as stable as solid fuel. Normally, solid fuel is used on missiles with fast combat missions, however, its disadvantage is that it is not as effective as a liquid fuel.

Iran says its new liquid fuel will help rockets have a faster launch time, higher speed and lighter.

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Bavar-373 is a domestically developed product by Iran after Russia refused to provide the country with the S-300 system in 2015. Iran’s system is equipped with multiple radars, capable of detecting 300 flying objects at the same time , tracking 60 of them and intercepting 6, even in jammed environments.

Notably, the ammunition of the Bavar-373 system is the Sayyad-4 missile, which is a simulation version of the Standard Missile-1 (SM-1) missile that the US sold to this country before the Islamic Revolution. 1979. It has a range of up to 210km and achieves supersonic speeds.

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Bavar 373’s search and intercept radars can defeat electronic warfare and electromagnetic bombs. The radars can also detect anti-radiation missiles (ARM), which are used to destroy air defences.

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