China shows off a series of military equipment at Airshow China 2021

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The 13th China International Aviation and Space Exhibition (Airshow China) has officially opened in Zhuhai city, Guangdong province, China.

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The exhibition (taking place from September 28 to October 3) has the presence of 700 businesses from 40 countries in both face-to-face and online form. More than 100 aircraft of all kinds are displayed at the outdoor exhibition area.

A series of modern aircraft are in the service of the Chinese Air Force, such as stealth fighter J-20, transport aircraft Y-20, early warning aircraft KJ-500, unmanned aerial vehicle WZ-7… was also introduced at this exhibition.

Pictures of some military equipment at Airshow China 2021:

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KJ-500 early warning aircraft

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China’s new electronic warfare aircraft J-16D. Photo:China News

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China-made CH-4 unmanned aerial vehicle. Photo: AP

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WL-10 unmanned aerial vehicle was displayed within the framework of the exhibition. Photo: Alex Plavevski / EPA

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Models of Long March rockets serving China’s space conquest mission were introduced at the exhibition. Photo: Reuters

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WZ-8 unmanned aerial vehicle. Photo: Reuters

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CM-401 anti-ship weapon system. Photo: Reuters

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A J-20 stealth fighter. Photo: China News

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Large amphibious aircraft AG600. Photo: China News

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A JL-10 trainer aircraft performs within the framework of the exhibition. Photo: China News

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