China is about to ‘show off’ a series of advanced weapons at the air show

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At this week’s biggest air show, the Chinese military will display some of the country’s most advanced weapons and equipment.

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Aljazeera channel reported on September 27 that at this week’s biggest air show the Chinese military will display some of the country’s most advanced weapons and equipment.

The airshow will open in the southern Chinese city of Zhuhai on September 28, after a one-year delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

the exhibition will feature a “flying demonstration” of the J-20, which is said to be China’s most advanced fighter jet.

Other advanced aircraft, including the J-16D electronic warfare aircraft, the WZ-7 high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle, and the WZ-8 high-speed unmanned aerial vehicle, will also be on public display for the first time. at the outdoor exhibition area, the newspaper reported.

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“As China faces increasing challenges from the West, it needs to improve its military-industrial, aviation and space capabilities,” said military commentator Song Zhongping .

the J-16D has two large electronic warfare bays on its wings, which are used to disrupt and jam enemy electronic equipment, including radar and communications systems.

The aircraft also features new avionics and locally produced engines.

more than 100 aircraft have been registered to debut as a demonstration flight or static display at the exhibition, in an attempt by Beijing is believed to show off its military might and space ambitions. including next-generation manned missiles and heavy launch vehicles.

At the event, a number of equipment that Beijing wants to export will also be showcased, including the AG600 – the world’s largest amphibious aircraft, designed for firefighting and rescue purposes at sea.

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