Aero India-2021: India introduced a pocket UAV Ninox 40

ninox 40

The international exhibition Aero India-2021 became the place of the premiere of the Ninox 40 micro-UAV. The development of the Israeli company SpearUAV weighs less than a grenade, and can be used by one person, increasing the awareness of the fighter on the battlefield.

SpearUAV has signed a memorandum of intent with the Indian company Paras Aerospace, which plans to supply Israeli systems for the needs of law enforcement agencies and the Indian military. The Ninox 40 will be used for more than just border patrols and combat operations – it can facilitate missions for rescuers and firefighters, said SpearUAV CEO Yishai Amir.

Launch of the Ninox 40 drone
Launch of the Ninox 40 drone

The Ninox 40 is specially designed for single operator use. The weight of the drone does not exceed 250 grams, and the folded diameter is 40 mm. This allows you to launch it from grenade launchers, and store it in unloading along with grenades. After launch, the UAV, which has reached the minimum speed, opens four arms with blades made of composite materials. The electric motor and built-in battery keep the device airborne for up to 40 minutes.

Ninox 40 is equipped with a versatile camera with day and night channel. In addition, the drone can automatically track a captured target. The image from the cameras is fed to the tactical tablet, and the UAV is controlled by a miniature remote control. In addition, the complex includes a container for carrying and launching the device.

UAV kit Ninox 40
UAV kit Ninox 40

The Indian military is “exploring the possibilities” presented at the exhibition, said Paras Defense and Space Technologies managing director Munjal Shah. After that, deliveries of Israeli devices are possible. “We also plan to provide a local response by transferring production and technology to India,” Shah added.

The Ninox 40 is the youngest model in the Israeli drone family. The Ninox 66 model has a payload of 700 grams, which allows it to be used as an attack UAV. But this has affected the dimensions, which take more time and effort to launch. The flagship of the line is the Ninox 105 capable of carrying up to 1.5 kg of cargo.

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